Straight from our Clients


I had wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot for a very long time, but never made a commitment until being recommended to Melissa at Niagara Boudoir Photography. She was very efficient and professional and made sure I knew what to bring, and do prior to my appointment to make sure I had the best photos possible. The day of my shoot I arrived and was made to feel so comfortable. Tina made me look beautiful with my hair and make up and Melissa worked her magic on the camera. I was a little reserved at first, but quickly let loose to show my true self. After my shoot, I came back to view my photos and make my selections. Wow that was a tough choice. Melissa and Tina made me look more beautiful than I ever thought I could. My pictures were stunning. I was so impressed with the professionalism and dignity. Melissa is wonderful and I recommend her to everyone. She really did go above and beyond any thing I could have expected. Thank you Melissa, from the bottom of my heart!!! ~Miss Andrea


“I can’t thank you enough, you are incredible at what you do, it is an experience I will never forget.” ~Miss Laura




“I have a theory. I believe every woman can look like she belongs on the cover of a magazine. Just takes the right angles, the right attitude and a great photographer. So, I set out to prove it…and have a little fun at the same time. Of course, the idea of having hot pictures to show my husband at the end of it all was a great incentive too. Life has thrown us and our family a few curve balls the past couple of years…but lately, things have been getting back to normal so the photo shoot was the ideal ‘pick me up” and fun distraction. It was perfect timing. At first thought, I was a bit nervous but as I started brainstorming ideas (and props like lollipops & cupcakes) I was almost too excited to sleep. The photo shoot was so much fun! Melissa made me feel at ease immediately, Tina gave me lots of sparkly make up and my friend came along for moral support…oh and don’t forget the “boudoir” play list we had blasting the entire time to add to the atmosphere. SO…guess what? I CAN look like a cover girl! …All thanks to Melissa.” ~Miss K.


“Thank you sooooooo much for my boudoir session! Words cannot express what a great experience it was. I actually wasn’t sure if I wanted to do one, because I’ve always struggled with my body image, but you convinced me to go for it and I’m so glad I did. Thank you for reminding me how beautiful I really am. Now, when I look at myself in the mirror, I immediately see the beauty that everyone else has always known. It’s so refreshing and empowering. And my husband just LOVES the photos. I just can’t thank you enough.” ~ Miss Sophia


“I recently had the pleasure of doing a boudoir photo session with Melissa at Niagara Boudoir Photography. I was quite nervous to say the least but Melissa and Tina her makeup artist made me feel comfortable from the minute I met them. Within no time my makeup was done and we began our session. Melissa was very professional and we had a wonderful time, with lots of laughs and giggles. I am so glad I purchased this boudoir session, as we can all look like the models we see in the magazines with a little help from a professional photographer named Melissa and a professional makeup artist named Tina. So thank you so much for the wonderful photos, and I look forward to seeing you again in the future.” ~Miss Mandy


“The pictures were way beyond my expectations, I literally almost cried when I saw how sophisticated, glamorous, playful and sexy they were. My husband was floored. He thinks they are the most beautiful pictures he has ever seen of me. He loves that he will have this little private book of me that he can look at whenever he wants, which is exactly the gift I wanted for him. As it turns out, the gift was just as much for me.” ~ Miss J.


“I heard of Melissa and Tina through a friend of mine. I was looking for someone who could make a feminine make up design on the side of my body, for a sexy but soft look. I had an idea in my head to make professional pictures, for an anniversary gift for my fiancé. Both Melissa and Tina delivered more than I was expecting! They did an amazing job, with a very comfortable and professional atmosphere. It was a lot of fun also, as soon as I got there I forgot how nervous I was before the shoot!! They helped me pose the right way, and Thank you again for your beautiful work!” ~Miss A.



“I want to thank you so much for the beautiful boudoir pictures, they are better then I ever imagined. Not only was it a pleasure to work with you, you   made me feel and look beautiful! All the apprehension I had going into the photo shoot was gone once I met you! I am so excited to do another set of pictures. Your work is amazing. ” ~ Miss Leah


“Melissa was professional and her makeup artist Tina were amazing. Laughing and music in the background the mood was being set. It was a totally relaxed, comfortable experience. It was so much fun and it really made me appreciate being a woman, mother and wife with a renewed sexy that I know will stay with me for a long time.” ~ Miss R


“While never having had professional photos done before, it was a great first experience to have gone through with Melissa. At first we were not sure with how we wanted our pictures to look like, and truthfully we never really put a lot of thought into it at that time either. But, with leaving it in the professionals hands, and listening to their advice and tips, it could not have turned out any better than what we expected. ~Miss V