"I am naturally a lot better at being awkward than I am at being seductive, but throughout my photo shoot I started to feel more and more comfortable with my seductive side and I feel that is so important as a woman!..." Tessa


Just because we grow older, have children, families, husbands and/or careers, it does not mean our sexual and feminine side simply disappears.

Boudoir is about embracing your sensuality and feminity - breaking down your pre-conceived notions about beauty to show you how gorgeous you really are. Our sessions are female only and we pride ourselves in working one on one with every single client to meet her needs and bring her vision of sexy to life.

As a woman guilty of this myself, I see so many struggling with negative self-image. We do this because we internalize the unrealistic expectations of beauty that are set out for us by the media and entertainment industry. The truth is, you are exactly as you are meant to be, perfect in your realest form.

It is my mission to be your mirror for the day - to show you the beauty that your lover, friends and family see in you - to bring out your most sensual, vulnerable, and feminine side, and to capture it on camera. (By the way thats me over there.)

You see, I’m part of a growing movement of photographers with a simple but powerful message to women: You need to EXIST IN PHOTOS. Not just for you: for your family. 

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I believe that every woman regardless of size age and body type deserve to feel gorgeous, empowered, strong and fierce. Every mom who hasn’t done her hair in ages, a mom who goes to work everyday, the wife wants to celebrate her 5th, 10th, or 40th anniversary with her husband, the soon to be bride who wants to give her fiancé the gift of her, the woman who has reclaimed her freedom, the woman who is celebrating her birthday, the woman who wants to feel like a woman. YOU ARE WORTH IT AND DESERVE THIS EXPERIENCE!!

Our professional hairdresser and makeup artist is here to pamper you. On arrival, you will be greeted by your photographer, and your hairdresser and makeup artist will be waiting to begin your transformation. Our aim is to enhance your features and create the very best ‘you’.

By the time we get you in front of the camera we will be old friends! It makes a difference having some time to get to know each other before the shoot. You will feel absolutely stunning, and this in itself gives you a great deal of confidence. I will make you feel very comfortable, I laugh a lot, and you will too (especially when you see me demonstrating the poses!) Honestly, there are few things as satisfying to me as watching my clients relax into (and enjoy) the experience of one of these photo sessions. AND, that extra spring of confidence in their step as a result of the day… THAT is pure magic!

I want you to do this for YOU.
Are you excited yet? A little nervous?
Good. Let’s do this!

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