Boudoir Sessions and Social Sharing | Niagara Boudoir Photography

Everyone always wonders why I don’t blog a lot my website. Here’s the thing…a boudoir session is a private experience. It is meant for you, and you alone; if you choose to share it with someone via prints or album, that is your choice. I only use photos on my site and my session guides that I have permission to use from models and from from my clients.


The experience that this type of session creates is very powerful and emotional. You will feel different about yourself, that is the goal…to fall back in love with yourself. To find the fierceness, the courage, the awesomeness that most women have forgotten about. It is there, it has been buried by the family duties, the crazy sports schedules…

Let’s find her again, and if want to are that with the world – go for it!!


Just my few little rant for the time being!