Here you can find the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can’t I come in for 1 picture?
Getting that 1 photo involves a lot more than you image…all our emails, and phone calls before the session, setting up the set, and shooting the extra images to get that perfect one. It does take more than you think, especially if you never have done a professional photo shoot before. Remember how much time it took to find that perfect outfit?

I want them all!
I totally understand how excited you will be to have all of the photos and we do have several digital options. I know you will love them all and not want to leave a single one behind, however, let me ask you how you plan to use the images? We also have found that although this is the most photographed generation ever, many will have no printed photos. We think it is so important to self esteem and find that our clients look forward to passing these archival prints onto their own children to cherish just as we do photos of our ancestors, especially for our family portraits. We use H&H Color Lab, a high quality professional lab, for all of our printed products. That said, we do offer a selection of packages that offer the best of both world with prints and digital negatives.

Where will we have the session?
All of the sessions are held at our in-home studio. There are many different items such as bedding, back drops, furniture and props to change looks that coordinate accordingly to the outfits you bring. Here you can relax while our professional makeup artist transforms you into your super model alter ego, if you choose to add this option to your session.

Attitude makes a huge difference.
The best way to great pictures is your attitude. If you’re excited, it shows up on every shot. Beautiful models that think their looks would make great pictures, usually don’t work. Great portraits don’t just happen.  They are the result of efforts on both sides of the camera. Your portraits will reflect the thought and effort you put into them. The more that we plan in advance, the more successful your finished portrait will be.

Some of our best photos are from people who can’t wait to see their pictures.

While we will help with posing, don’t be afraid to try something different. Not every picture needs to be a big smile; they should reflect several aspects of you.

What’s all included in the session fee?
The session fee includes the time and talent of the photographer, a pre-consult meeting (or phone call), and in person ordering meeting to view your exquisite images.  The fee is payable at the time of booking your appointment, after you have chosen which images you would like to create. When you call us, we will have you come in and choose which poses you would like to recreate. We find this makes you more comfortable when you arrive for your session, because you will already know what to expect. All prints & products are sold separately.

When should I book?
I book a limited number of sessions per week and typically book 2-4 weeks out, so call ASAP to reserve your preferred session date.  If the session products are a gift for a loved one, or special event, please allow 6 weeks from the session date for delivery of your products. Please do not wait until the last minute to call us, I cannot guarantee that I can get in for session in time.

Do you provide the wardrobe for our shoot?
I have some accessories and a few non-intimate items on hand, but otherwise all clothing/lingerie is provided by you.

Do you include hair and make-up?
Hair and make-up is separate from the session fee, and is highly recommended. It makes such a difference in your attitude, and in the photos. The fee payable to The Beaty Boutique’s own Tina Smith is $50 for hair and $50 for make-up.

What do I wear?
I will go over all this info and more with you at our pre-consultation (via phone or in person), including places I recommend to shop.

How much will this cost?
The average client will invest $500 to $1000 for their total boudoir experience. I offer a variety of prints/albums/products to suit many budgets. Custom Boudoir photography for most women, is a once in a lifetime experience.  You will NOT regret having these done, but you may regret NOT having them.

Do I have to be on the website/blog? Will anyone see my images?
No! It is totally up to you! All, some, none. Niagara Boudoir Photography does not post, display, or show any images from your session without your expressed permission. EVER.

Are digital images or prints included in the creation fee?
Your fee covers the time and talent of the photographers and stylists only. It does not include any prints or products.

How do I choose an album design?
You choose which images you which to go into your album. The size of album you choose does not affect the number of images that are included in the albums. I will then take over the processing and layout / design aspects of the album.

Can I reschedule and do I get any money refunded?
Yes, you can reschedule, however, your session fee is a retainer, and is non-refundable.

Are you available for Bachelorette / Boudoir Parties?
Please email us for pricing and details.

Bring us your ideas!
Bring a few photos and we can try to re-create them.