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15+ Of The Funniest Mom Tweets Ever (not just for the moms)

Ok, so I guess I can find another hilarious article for you to read…I’m not just about the Boudie, ladies. Here is part of the article to get you started: Being a mother requires a lot of patience. Just think – all those “redecorated” walls, fusses over random stuff, food all over the ground, basically,…

Boudoir Sessions and Social Sharing | Niagara Boudoir Photography

Everyone always wonders why I don’t blog a lot my website. Here’s the thing…a boudoir session is a private experience. It is meant for you, and you alone; if you choose to share it with someone via prints or album, that is your choice. I only use photos on my site and my session guides…

Where I get my inspiration from | Niagara Boudoir

Jen Rozenbaum is totally my inspiration for why I love Boudoir Photography, and I love her workshops…Her core values is what I have believed in myself from day one, and has lead me to her as an amazing instructor and inspiration. Teaching women not to be afraid to be as Jen says “shamelessly feminine”. http://www.msnbc.com/boudoir-business-622838851603