Every woman should experience their very own photo shoot | Niagara Boudoir

Having a client like Tessa progress through her session was an amazing experience for the both of us, but hearing how easy and fun it was for her – makes me proud of what I do!

“Thank you so much Melissa for everything you do, women need other women like you to build them up and show them their true flawlessness!

As women brought up in Western society, I’m sure we can all agree that it’s sometimes very hard to feel beautiful. Every single day we drive past ads and billboards, scroll through social media outlets, and open up magazines advertising beautiful women. It’s very easy to get down on yourself and feel like you aren’t what you want to be because you “don’t look like her”. Because of this, I am a huge advocate for boudoir photography and feel that every woman should experience their very own photo shoot.

You will be extremely surprised by how fantastic you look when you start to show a little confidence. I have worked with a few photographers to try to bring out that courage in me, and working with Melissa was by far my best experience! I sometimes fear that I won’t “click” with a photographer, and I know that without that connection I won’t get the photos that I’m looking for.

Melissa was fantastic and really brought out my true colours, the images she captured really impressed me and my hubby Kris can attest to that! My favourite part of my shoot was noticing how comfortable I got as the hour passed. The beginning of a shoot can be so nerve wracking, but Melissa eased me into what I was comfortable with and also asked if I had any recommendations of poses I would like to try. The rest of the shoot became much easier, the creativity started to flow and we had a lot of fun with it.

I am naturally a lot better at being awkward than I am at being seductive, but throughout my photo shoot I started to feel more and more comfortable with my seductive side and I feel that is so important as a woman! I would recommend Niagara Boudoir to any of my girlfriends in hopes that they can experience the same thing I did. I plan to get more photos taken as they have truly given my confidence a boost and I’m sure my hubby wouldn’t mind having a collection for himself!” ~ Tessa